Working Principle Of Hydraulic Lifting System

2021-04-15 11:50

The core equipment of the synchronous hydraulic jacking technology adopts computer control, which automatically completes multiple functions such as synchronous lifting, load balancing, attitude correction, stress control, operation lockout, process presentation and fault alarm. It is a collection of machine, electricity, hydraulic, sensor, Modern equipment that integrates computer and control theory.

When lifting, the upper and lower anchors of the hydraulic jack hold the steel strands like human hands. During the formal lifting, the upper anchorage clamps the steel strand, the lower anchorage is loosened, the main cylinder is extended, and the upper anchorage is pushed up, the steel strand is pulled up, and the steel analysis frame or net frame is also lifted up. . After the main cylinder reaches its feet, the lower anchorage clamps the steel strands to keep the steel analysis frame or net frame in place. Then, the upper anchorage is loosened and retreated to the original starting position as the cylinder retracts, ready to start down A lifting stroke. In this way, as the oil cylinder expands and the upper and lower anchors are tightened, the steel strands are gradually pulled up, and the entire steel frame or net frame rises gradually. If the lifting cylinder works in the opposite direction to the above cycle process, the weight can also be lowered. When lifting, the power of the jack is provided by the hydraulic pump station, and the action, speed of the jack and the posture of the analysis frame or the grid frame are controlled by the control system.