The Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Jack Cannot Be Retracted Or Is Abnormal

2021-04-15 11:39

Because the pressure relief valve is not opened, the oil tank is too much, the hydraulic joint is not tightened or the hydraulic jack retracting spring is damaged; check the pressure relief valve and open it, add hydraulic oil according to the model of the hydraulic jack, tighten the hydraulic joint, Disassemble the hydraulic jack for maintenance.

The electric hydraulic pump cannot be started

Check in advance whether the power supply is normal, replace damaged parts, and add a power circuit to increase the power amperage.

Motor electric amperage is too high

It is necessary to replace the motor in time, reset the pressure of the relief valve, and overhaul the gear pump.

Regardless of the model or quality of the hydraulic jack, if you do not follow the instructions of the model in the process of use, and the correct use, there will be problems, and not only pay attention to the use method, but also need to pay attention to good maintenance, otherwise Will affect the service life of the equipment. It needs to be overhauled in advance to avoid unnecessary losses during use.