Precautions When Using Intelligent Tensioning Oil Pump

2021-04-10 12:24

Because of our country’s special terrain features, our country has a lot of bridges. These bridges directly cross large rivers and are built directly around mountains. These bridges have great benefits for many places. , And when building a bridge, you need to use professional equipment, including tensioning oil pumps, so what should be paid attention to when tensioning oil pumps?

(1) The power supply wiring should be connected to the neutral line, and the insulation of various places should be checked at any time to avoid electric shock; the connection or the beginning of the power cord should be checked frequently during use to prevent the motor from burning due to phase loss.

(2) Oil pipes and joints must be manufactured according to specifications and checked at any time to avoid burst accidents. Do not disassemble joints, pipes and oil gauges when the oil pump is under pressure.

(3) The pressure gauge should be checked at any time to prevent malfunctions and accidents.

(4) Open the control valve before driving (no-load start). When using, check whether the pressure of the safety valve is appropriate, and always ensure that it is sensitive and reliable.

(5) The bearings installed on the upper body should be replaced with oil in time according to the situation.

(6) When the oil level is too low, the oil level of the pump plane bearing shall not work under pressure for a long time.