Pre-Stressed Intelligent Grouting Is Better Than Traditional Grouting

2021-04-17 11:47

The pre-stressed intelligent grouting equipment can completely remove the air in the tunnel, accurately control the grout-water-binder ratio, timely adjust the grouting pressure and stabilization time, and ensure the grouting compactness of the pre-stressed pipeline. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Circulate and drain the internal air

The large circulation loop allows the slurry to circulate continuously in the pipeline to remove the air in the pipeline;

2. Automatically adjust the required pressure

Automatically adjust the pressure to ensure that the entire line maintains pressure and stabilizes according to the size and time required by the specification;

3. Control the water-binder ratio of the slurry

Real-time monitoring of water-binder ratio, over-limit alarm, and effective control of slurry performance;

4. Real-time monitoring of pressure loss

Real-time test obtains the channel pressure loss, which is convenient to adjust the mud pressure;

5. Real-time monitoring of the grouting quantity

Real-time monitoring of the flow rate, it is convenient to find out whether the pipeline is unblocked, check the grouting amount to ensure the grouting effect

6. Enhance the compactness of the anchor seal

The special anchor seal cover and the high elastic rubber pad ensure the tight anchor seal;

7. Improve the credibility of records

Automatic recording, which can truly reproduce the entire grouting process;

8. Improve project management level

The quality can be traced, the whole process of grouting can be restored, and the management level can be improved.