Liuzhou Lingqiao Held The 2017 Annual Summary Meeting

2020-01-01 12:44

On January 3, 2017, Liuzhou Lingqiao Prestressed Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2017 annual work summary meeting in the company headquarters, and all the company members attended the meeting.

The main task of this meeting is for everyone to make a brief report on their work and performance in the previous year.

At the meeting, Mr. Huang Xiaoyi, chairman of the company, introduced the company's development, operation and performance in 2016, and reported the company's current production and operation situation and the difficulties facing the company at present. Other leaders also reported supplementary information and briefly explained the work arrangement and requirements in the future.

After listening to the report, the department heads will come to the stage to make a summary report on their work in an orderly manner, and arrange the order of employees to come to the stage. After the department heads finish speaking, the employees will make a summary. Everyone gave a brief account of their previous year's work and set goals and a clearer direction for their work this year.

This meeting not only gave employees a clear understanding of the development of the company, but also enhanced the communication and understanding among employees of various departments, laying a friendly foundation for future cooperation.

A total of 42 company personnel attended the meeting.