Key Technology Of Automatic Hydraulic Jacking Device

2021-04-21 11:37

1) Fully automatic hydraulic jacking technology is used in the environment where large equipment in the metallurgical industry and other fields unconditionally use lifting equipment for hoisting; it can realize the hoisting of large-scale equipment with large tonnage similar to rolling mill housing.

2) The automatic hydraulic jacking technology device adopts a steel structure frame structure, which is integrated hydraulic and pneumatic applications. It has a simple structure, portable operation, stable and reliable work.

3) The development of fully automatic hydraulic jacking technology is scientific, with sufficient and reliable theoretical calculation data and experimental basis.

4) The hoisting technology of the fully automatic jacking device is advanced. The use of numerical control technology can realize multi-point synchronization and single-point correction; manual and automatic considerations, simple and convenient operation.

5) Using the principle of friction mechanics, the hydraulic cylinders are pushed in parallel, and the device moves as a whole under load conditions to realize hoisting at different stations on the operating side and transmission side of the rolling mill.

6) The hoisting technology of the fully automatic jacking device has strong applicability. It can carry out the hoisting operation of large-scale equipment after the equipment foundation reaches the strength of use. It is not restricted by the site environment, plant structure installation, crane lifting capacity and other factors; the entire system design It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be reused.

7) The application of the hoisting technology of the fully automatic jacking device has got rid of the traditional methods of using rollers, hoisting machines, and jacks to manually lift and lower large equipment. The investment in automation reduces a lot of physical labor; the design of the device is scientific and the structure is optimized. , Enhanced and reliable.

Fully automatic hydraulic jacking technology has practical value for the hoisting of large rolling mill arches in the field of metallurgical steel rolling; it is suitable for the hoisting of large equipment in workshops, factories and mines due to the complex site environment and insufficient lifting capacity of hoisting machinery; it can be popularized It is used in the hoisting of ultra-large equipment in mining, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industries.