How To Operate The Tension Pump?

2021-04-11 12:21

The first step, emptying: Turn on the oil pump, first loosen all four handwheels on the valve body, turn on the reverse switch below, turn on the left side for 10-20 minutes, and turn on the right side for 10-20 minutes, and remove the air in the pump body. Line it up.

The second step, top and return: select either side of the left and right valve body as the oil outlet valve or the oil return valve. When working, if the right valve body is the oil outlet valve, the left valve body is the oil return valve, and the left valve body is up and down. All of the handwheels should be loosened, and the upper handwheel of the right valve body should be tightened first, and the lower handwheel will come out by slowly turning clockwise.

If you want to return to the top, you should completely loosen the upper and lower handwheels on the right, tighten the upper handwheel on the left first, and turn the lower handwheel slowly clockwise to return. It must be noted that the two valve bodies cannot be pressurized at the same time. When one valve body is always working, the upper and lower hand wheels must be loosened on the other side.

After our introduction, I believe that everyone has an understanding of how the tensioning oil pump should be operated, and you should also remember the matters that should be paid attention to for the tensioning oil pump.