The Control Problems In The Construction Of Hydraulic Synchronous Jacking Technology

2021-04-07 12:31

1. Use the on-site manufacturing segment method for construction

When constructing the bridge, it is a very common construction method to divide the bridge into several sections, build them outside the site, and then splice them on site. When casting each segment, the quality and length of the segment and the splicing interface are controlled. There are two main ways to determine the length and quality: ①Using continuous prefabrication but pushing section by section, this method uses the beam axis of the prefabricated yard to control the completion; ②It is necessary to rely on the manufacturer to prefabricate the materials and build In the case of smaller express items, these small express items are delivered to the bridge construction site before being simultaneously pushed. For the latter application requirements are high, the transportation process needs to be transported by road trucks, and the size of the express is determined according to the length of the truck and the overall load. Comparing the two methods, the transportation and splicing of the two methods are relatively huge, and it is easy to cause errors such as improper connection. Therefore, an on-site production method is adopted and it is simple and easy to implement.

2. On-site prefabrication needs attention

The main operation process of using hydraulic synchronous jacking technology for construction is: first prefabricate materials, and then use jacking technology for construction and installation of prefabricated sections. However, some problems are often encountered in the prefabrication process. Reasonable analysis of these problems and finding out corresponding solutions are crucial to improving construction technology and construction quality. First, the selection of the prefabricated site. The set length of the prefabricated site and the prefab express must be considered comprehensively, which is generally three times the stage, so that the transportation and construction process are convenient and feasible. At the same time, a jacking transition section must be set up so that the hydraulic jacking device can work smoothly. For the intermediate support in the transitional section of the pusher, try its best to show a linear relationship in the horizontal direction. For the case where a linear relationship is not possible, comprehensive consideration should be given to the specific conditions during calculation and construction.