What Is The Use Of Prestressed Anchors

2021-03-14 14:06

1. Play a role in local reinforcement of unstable rock masses

Remind everyone that in all engineering constructions, there will be local unstable blocks in the rock mass due to the combination of various structural planes. Unstable rock blocks cut by several groups of weak structural surfaces, and their motion forms are sliding, rotating, overturning, and collapsing. For different situations, you can refer to the analysis method of layered surrounding rock reinforcement, and determine the parameters of the bolt according to the specific situation.

2. Play a role in increasing the tension of the prestressed anchor rod

The tensile force of the pre-stressed anchor rod is inseparable from the tensile equipment used, the load-bearing capacity of the inner anchor section and the performance of the outer anchor head.

3. Prestressed anchor bolts can play a role in strengthening layered rock formations

Remind everyone that during the construction process, after applying pre-compression stress to the layered rock formations, the pre-stressed anchor rod can not only connect several rock formations together, but also transform a relatively thin rock formation into a thick one, thereby forming a thicker rock formation. At the same time, due to the action of pre-compression stress, it can also increase the friction between each rock formation, improve and enhance the stability of the layered rock formation, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the rock formation.