How Should The Smart Tension Jack Be Routinely Maintained?

2021-03-02 14:17

1. Before stretching, you need to prepare high-quality mineral oil, or use 46# hydraulic oil and diesel 1:1.

2. Before installing the oil pipe, make sure that the interface is clean, and the oil pipe and nozzle should also be kept clean.

3. There is natural air in the cylinder before the new jack is used, and it needs to reciprocate 3 to 5 times without load to discharge the air in the cylinder.

4. In the process of tensioning, the pressure should be evenly applied to pressure and pressure relief. Operate according to the instructions or the guidance of professional and technical personnel to prevent accidents.

5. During the tensioning process, personnel should stand in two rows of the jacks, do not stand on the opposite side of the jacks, and pay attention to safe operation.

6. When no load, the motor is less than 15Mpa.

Jack protects daily cleaning, maintenance and training to extend the service life of the jack.

·Using a force sensor to monitor the tension control force, the tension control accuracy is improved.

·Adopt artificial intelligence feedback algorithm to control the tensioning process, improve the accuracy of multi-point synchronization, and the accuracy of multi-point synchronization is ≤±1%

·Automatic load holding, the error between the tension control force and the target value during the load holding process is ≤±0.5%

·Monitoring accuracy of tensile length: 0.1mm

·Automatically set the tension stage and calculate the length of tension and stretch simultaneously

·Automatically measure the anchor retraction value

·You can choose to upload the tension monitoring data to the designated server to facilitate the management and accountability of the concealed project by the owner and the supervisor, and prevent manual data tampering

·No need to calibrate the whole set of equipment, just calibrate the force sensor

·You can choose whether to embed the vibrating wire anchor cable meter** to monitor the prestress value and its loss