Several Problems That Need To Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of Steel Bending Machine

2021-03-10 14:10

The steel bar bending machine is a special equipment that bends the straightened and cut steel bars into the required size and shape. There are several problems that need to be paid attention to when using it.

1. During the installation process of the steel bar bending machine, it must be noted that the machine body should be installed on a flat ground. For the power supply, it is forbidden to connect it directly to the button, and an iron shell switch should be installed to control the power supply.

2. In the process of using the bending machine, check whether the parts are complete and whether the moving gear used is consistent with the speed of the steel bending machine. Is the gap between the meshing teeth more appropriate? Whether the fixing wedge is tight and firm. It is also necessary to check whether the direction of the turntable is consistent with the direction of the reverse switch. And add lubricating grease in accordance with regulations. Check whether the insulated grounding wire of electrical equipment is damaged or loose. After the conversion, the operation can only be carried out after it is deemed qualified.

3. During the operation, the end of the steel bar that needs to be bent should be correctly placed in the gap of the turntable fixed shank, and the other end should be close to the fuselage to fix the shank. Only start the machine on the side where the steel bars are blocked.

4. Replace the fixed shank on the turntable, and replace it after the operation stops.

5. It is strictly forbidden to bend steel bars and hooks used for hoisting lifting rigging that exceed the diameter specified on the nameplate of the machine. If you are bending steel bars that are not cold drawn or have rusty skin, you must wear protective glasses. When bending non-ordinary steel bars such as low-alloy steel, the maximum limit diameter should be converted according to the mechanical nameplate.

6. When the turntable is reversed, it must be reversed after the previous steering stops. When turning the switch, you must wait for the stop at the intermediate stop gear, and do not immediately reverse the direction gear. If the chuck is found to vibrate during operation and the motor heats up beyond the nameplate, it should be powered off and stopped for maintenance immediately.

7. Within the radius of rotation of the bent steel bars, and the fuselage without a fixed shank, it is impossible to stand a person. The bent semi-finished products should be neatly stacked, and the hooks should generally not be upturned.

8. For bending longer steel bars, there should be a dedicated person to help the steel bars, and the helpers should advance and retreat according to the operator's command gestures, and not push them randomly.

9. After the work is completed, the workplace and the body should be cleaned, and the rust in the pit should be blown off with a manual blower.