The Principle And Function Of Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Jack

2021-03-05 14:15

Now there are many aspects of our survival that require the use of hydraulic jacks. Hydraulic jacks are a kind of jacks, usually used in industrial buildings or repairing cars, etc., as the meaning is, jacks are a kind of heavyweight. In many cases, these equipment can only be lifted by lifting machines, but the birth of hydraulic jacks may make this process a lot easier.

It is not only simple in construction, but also easy to carry. It can often be crawled with a hydraulic jack, and the effect is also exceptionally good. It can be used in situations where the height of heavy objects is not too high, and it can bear a lot of lifting. Homework, hydraulic jacks can play a big role in many aspects of our survival.

People who use hydraulic jacks only need to repeatedly move the handle that is constantly shaking on the hydraulic jack, and then the manual oil pump will continuously press the oil into the cylinder of the hydraulic jack, and the pressure will continue to rise, and the piston of the hydraulic jack will also It will rise. If you put a heavy object on the piston, the heavy object will be lifted. If you want to put the heavy object down, you only need to open the oil return valve.

The original principle of the hydraulic jack is a principle of pressure pressure, and then the pressure of the liquid is controlled by the rotation of the wrench. The maintenance of the hydraulic jack is concerned, and then the piston of the hydraulic jack is started to move, which can make people With too little force, you might as well lift up a heavy object.