Precautions For Prestressed Anchors

2021-03-11 14:09

Instructions for use of anchors

1. The anchor hole and clip should not adhere to other debris such as mud and sand.

2. Work anchors should not be used in place of tool anchors.

3. The anchors should be kept properly, and there should be no rust, mud and other debris during use.

4. There should be no rust, mud and other debris on the surface of the steel strand in the anchor section during tension.

5. The limit size of the limit plate during tension should be adjusted according to the diameter of the steel stranded wire used.

6. The clip is coated with anti-rust lubricant before leaving the factory. When doing static load anchoring performance test, it should be cleaned to ensure the accuracy of the test.

7. Safety protection facilities should be installed during tensioning construction. Operators are strictly prohibited from standing directly in front of the anchors and other dangerous locations; after tensioning, it is strictly forbidden to hit anchors and steel strands by gravity, and cut excess steel strands after grouting.