The Main Points Of Choosing CNC Steel Bar Bending Center

2021-03-17 13:59

The CNC steel bar bending center is a new type of steel bar processing equipment. The quality of the bending center will also affect the bending effect of the steel bar. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable bending center. Let's talk about the main points of purchase.

1. The main structure of the bending center. The main structure of the orthodox CNC rebar bending center is made of H-shaped steel of 350 or more. In order to save costs, many manufacturers choose channel steel or smaller H-shaped steel as the main structure.

2. The walking mode of bending center. The current CNC steel bending center has two modes: rack walking and chain walking. The rack walking mode is more accurate than the chain walking size.

3. Walking structure of steel bar bending center. A better walking structure is that the two machine heads walk along the upper edge of the H-shaped steel. In this way, more support points can be set at the lower part. The whole structure is more stable. The relatively backward walking structure is that the two noses walk along the entire H-beam. In this way, the entire device can only have 3 supporting points.

4. Whether the feeding rack in the bending center can automatically load materials. Many manufacturers' CNC rebar bending centers are not equipped with automatic feeding structures. It is troublesome during use.

5. Whether the drive motor of the CNC steel bar bending center is a servo motor. The size and angle* accuracy of the graphics produced by the normal motor version of the CNC steel bending center is poor, while the graphics produced by the full servo motor CNC steel bending center are more standard.

6. Whether the clamping and telescopic system of the CNC steel bar bending center is pneumatic or electric. Under normal circumstances, the electric system is more stable and more resistant to the environment. Pneumatic system is prone to air leakage. In winter, the water in the pneumatic system will be frozen, which will affect the normal use of the equipment.