Common Forms Of Prestressed Anchors

2021-03-15 14:02

1. Conventional Anchorage for Cylinder

The specifications of this kind of prestressed anchorage are generally M15-N or M13-N. This kind of anchorage has very good self-anchoring performance and anchoring performance. Its tensioning is basically the use of through-the-core jacks.

2. Cuboid flat anchor

The specifications and models are BM15-N and BM13-N. The first Chinese letter of the flat anchor in the Chinese pinyin is used to indicate the meaning of flat anchors. Most of this type of flat anchors are used in In places such as low-height box girder, bridge deck transverse prestressing, and hollow slabs, the use of rectangular flat anchors can make the stress distribution more reasonable and uniform, and at the same time can further reduce the structural thickness of the product.

3. Wrapped anchor

This is a fixed-end anchorage. The specification model is M15P-N or M13P-N. Most of the wrap-around anchorages are used in situations where the space at the end of the component is limited or the design stress is large. When wrapping anchors, you must first use an extruder to press the extruded sleeve onto a steel strand. Because it is embedded in the concrete, it needs to be arranged in advance.