Common Faults And Solutions Of CNC Steel Bar Bending Center

2021-03-13 14:07

The CNC steel bending center is a special equipment for steel bending. Various failures may occur due to reasons during use. Below we summarize several common failure phenomena and solutions for everyone. Helped.

Trouble phenomenon 1: Walking or bending does not work normally when it is automatic (trembling forward).

Remedy: Check whether the external voltage is insufficient, and the lower limit is 185V.

Trouble phenomenon 2: In automatic mode, there is no response after clamping starts.

Remedy: Check whether there is a signal after the clamping start foot switch is stepped on. If there is no signal, check the X27 point, and check the control line or the foot switch.

Trouble phenomenon 3: Emergency stop alarm.

elimination method:

1) Check if X22 is always on.

2) Check whether the emergency stop button on the console is photographed.

3) Check the circuit first with a multimeter.

Trouble phenomenon 4: When automatic, the traveling servo alarms.

1) Elimination method: Check whether the bearing under the head box body is stuck with the track.

2) Check whether the walking speed is set too fast in the production settings.

Symptom 5: Alarm at the same time for the travel limit.

Remedy: check the line, check the X16, X17, X20, X21 points of the PLC.

Symptom 6: The bending servo alarms when walking after power-on.

Remedy: Check whether the power cord of the curved motor is broken or short-circuited to the ground.

Symptom 7: The servo reports an encoder failure after power-on.

elimination method:

1) Remove the normal encoder cable and place it on the alarm servo, and manually control it. If it is invalid, it proves that the drive or motor is faulty; if it is valid, it proves that the original encoder cable is disconnected.

2) Interchange the servo drive. If it is invalid, it proves that the motor is broken; if the fault goes with the drive, it proves that the drive is broken.

Symptom 8: The upper and lower limits of bending alarm at the same time.

Remedy: check the line, check the X16, X17, X20, X21 points of the PLC.

Symptom 9: The screen cannot communicate with the PLC, and a red box appears.

elimination method:

1) Check whether the PLC power light and the running light are normal. If the fault light (red) flashes, there is a short circuit outside or the PLC is damaged.

2) Check whether the communication line is normal, whether the plug is loose, and whether the welding wire in the plug is broken.