The Application Of Prestressed Intelligent Tension Grouting System Compared With Traditional Tension

2021-03-04 14:16

1. The difference between pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment and ordinary tensioning equipment. During the engineering process, our traditional tensioning equipment is operated more manually, so that there is no guarantee for the safety of personnel when installing and removing the roof. During the construction process There have been many casualties in the country. Construction quality control is obviously more in line with the requirements of construction specifications than ordinary tension equipment.

2. The quality control of pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment in actual construction

3. In the tension construction, it is difficult for ordinary tension equipment to be tensioned simultaneously and synchronously when the personnel are operating. There are reasons for the operation of the personnel and the equipment itself, which will cause the error of the length of the tension. The two ends of the inaccurate and intelligent tensioning equipment are connected with data cables. One-button tensioning is started to achieve synchronous tensioning, so that the steel strands are stressed at the same time, so that the overall force curve of the tensioned box beam is closer to the design.

4. For the measurement of the tensile length, our ordinary tensile equipment manually uses a steel rule to measure it. This undoubtedly has a certain deviation to the measurement data. The intelligent tensile equipment is equipped with an elongation on the tension jack. The sensor and the computer are well connected to reflect the measurement accuracy and value of the tensile elongation on the computer. People do not need to go to the jack and use a steel rule to measure the readings. This effectively reduces the staff when the jack is stressed during the tensioning process. Security issues.

5. The control of tension stress value is controlled by oil gauge pressure in ordinary tension equipment. The tensioning is completed to 100% loading time and anchor retraction is not well controlled. The intelligent tensioning equipment we use also solves these problems well. The tensioning force is used in the tensioning process. To control the holding time after the tensioning is completed to 100%, the computer will automatically time it after the personnel set it, and there must be a pressure relief phenomenon during the holding process. The intelligent tensioning device will automatically compensate for the tension and automatically stop after the design force value. In this way, the tension is not in place and the amount of retraction under the anchor is effectively controlled.

6. After the tensioning and holding time is completed, the intelligent tensioning equipment will automatically perform some operations of anchoring and topping. The personnel only need to wait for the jack to return to the position and automatically stop, and proceed to the next bunch of topping and tensioning operations. Ordinary tensioning equipment It is impossible to do this.

7. The intelligent tensioning device can record and save the data of the tensioning one by one, and can also complete the corresponding curve of the tension value and the elongation on the computer, which reflects the force condition during the tensioning process.

8. There is an abnormal phenomenon in the smart tensioning device during the tensioning process. The emergency stop button on the tensioning device will stop the machine. When the abnormality is resolved, the tensioning can be resumed again, and the computer data will not be lost. During the tensioning process, if there is a power failure, the computer will automatically save the data. After the call comes in, start the power failure recovery on the computer screen.

9. The temperature difference between morning and night during our construction in the north is large, and the data is not accurate when the ordinary tensioning equipment is tensioned. The hydraulic oil in the jack and the oil pump is cooled down and the topping speed is slow, and the intelligent tensioning equipment automatically heats the oil after the power The temperature is kept at room temperature, which not only ensures the accuracy of the data but also overcomes the limitations caused by the weather.

10. In the construction of box girder tensioning, the anchor ring and the anchor pad are often misaligned and do not enter the groove after the strands are bundled. Therefore, the intelligent tensioning equipment can also be manually tensioned under the premise of keeping the data accurate.

11. After the tensioning is completed, the data of the tensioning can be reflected in the form after inputting according to the form required by the owner.